Primacy of Questions.

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers" - Voltire.

This is one of the best quotations I have come across of late. Questions say so much about a man, there can be no man without questions for to be a man without questions is to be no man at all.

But one shouldn’t forget that life isn’t a question, it is a quest for Truth. Life is not a ‘pursuit of happiness’ or pleasure or art or even passion. Life is a quest for Truth. Not the Truth about life but the Truth about self. The self as created by God. The Truth of self lies in the purpose for which it is created. All great men of the past have been men who were on the quest for Truth. Whether it be Socrates or St. Augustine or St. Aquinas.

Martin Luther was a courageous man who was on a quest for Truth, he was willing to put his life at risk to be on the side of Truth. What the world needs is not jesters and clowns who titillate our senses to imbecility, but courageous men who will question and be on the quest for the Truth.

As Peter Kreeft says 'Emeth' is the purpose of life. 'Emeth' is the hebrew word for the quest for Life's Truth.